Creatives Entertainment Industries

Creatives Entertainment Industries

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Cebu seats in the center of the Philippines, serving as a melting pot of cultural exchange and dialogue from Luzon and Mindanao region. Due to its extensive history and culture, Cebuanos are known to be adept and creative in various forms and expressions of art. This is very evident in the growing number of creative entertainment studios in Cebu, including game development and animation studios. Emerging talents are further strengthened through professional skills training organized by a partnership between Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and relevant institutions like Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP), and Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI). To cultivate more collaboration and opportunities among the rich pool of creatives talent in Cebu, the Cebu Creatives Hub is being constructed. The hub is a real estate development built and designed to serve as a playground for creatives to steer and actively support and promote the growing ecosystem creatives entertainment industry in Cebu. In recent years, Cebu City has been recognized as a Creative City by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  This attests to the exceptional talent and creativity of the Cebuanos in various medium of arts including, music, theatre film, animation, games, original content, and comics, among ot

Due to its broad-spectrum, the Creatives Entertainment industries is considered to be the new frontier for IP based products and services outsourcing all geared towards to maximizing the potentials of exporting creative contents consumed globally. Its ecosystem presents multiple opportunities for both niche and collaborative markets.  Ongoing players are keen and committed to collectively pursue efforts to make Cebu a premiere choice for outsourcing services under the  Creative Entertainment Industry.

Creative Entertainment Ecosystem

Aside from its conducive environment, investors can leverage on its large consumer base featuring a mix of both western and eastern influences and highly consume digital creative contents. Likewise, Artists and creatives are always a step away from inspiration and relaxation due to is the island’s vibrant culture and extensive network and connectivity  to nature, facilitating a conducive environment to connect and create with various creatives and artists locally and globally.

Success Story


Emottoons is an animation studio in Cebu who creates customized and original animations. Its humble beginnings started by providing animation students an environment to thrive as creative talents through immersion programs. To date, Emottons and its founder,  Philmore "Emot" Amodia, remains committed in training budding artists in its studios, from zero knowledge to harnessing and nurturing their talents to maximize their full potential.

Emottoons provides in 2D Cartoon Animation to various clientele spanning from short animation, animated music videos, to commercials and marketing videos.  Among its portfolio of successful projects is History Animated.  History Animated is one of its original animation series created to retell the tale of historical accounts through animated cartoons. The entire series can be watched through its official YouTube account, History Animated. In 2022, Emottoons was recognized by the South East Asia Business Awards as the Best 2D cartoon Animation Studio in Central Visayasl indeed this serves a testament of Emottoons dedication to serve as o ene of the driving forces in harnessing and providing  creative talents across Central Visayas.
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