Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing industry in Cebu serves as one of the frontrunners of economic strength. The industry is composed of various sectors including semiconductors, apparel and clothing, food processing, industrial equipment, power and industrial cables, electronic products, packaging products and solutions, along with other products.

Leveraging on the strategic location of Cebu, most manufacturing entities are export oriented. Aside from being in the center of the Philippines, the ecosystem of support infrastructure in Cebu has facilitated export-oriented entities to thrive and to efficiently conduct business domestically and globally.

Moreover, local and foreign locators in Cebu have acknowledged the presence and vital role of collaboration between local government and local business organizations in providing networking opportunities and favorable policies for conducting ease of doing business. Likewise, Cebu and its nearby regions offer a pool of capable workforce needed to accelerate and transform to continually grow the manufacturing industry. This is made possible through constant collaboration among industry leaders and learning institutions offering programs designed to produce future-oriented workforce as well as to upskill and reskill existing workforce.

The updated 2021 Philippine Development Plan has expressed the intentions of  the Philippine manufacturing sector to focus on the production of merchandise goods that will favor necessities such as food, beverages, medicine, pharmaceutical and other chemical products, and other essential and complementary goods. As of September 2022, the Value of Production Index (VaPI) continued to report a two-digit year-on year increment of 10 percent.

For monthly updates on the country’s overall manufacturing sector, please visit the Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (Insert link:

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