CIDCC Success story: Christian Gonzales

September 30, 2023

"From Vision to Victory: Navigating Entrepreneurship with Cusina Lucas"

Meet Christian Gonzales, a dedicated family man and the driving force behind Cusina Lucas in Talamban.  Fondly called as Sir Christian, started Cusina Lucas during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mindful of how essential food during these trying times, despite very low to none experience in the food business, Sir Christian continually seeks avenues to learn the best practices and approaches of improving the delivery of services and business operations for his customers and the bigger market.

He found joy in group exercises that focused on preparedness for anticipated scenarios and emergencies. Moreover, he instills self-awareness and accountability and apply these lessons while crafting a business continuity plan with his team.

Sir Christian believes in continuous capacity enhancement and capability building as learning avenues. Aside from the training on BCP, he also enrolled and participated in the Business Recovery, Good Manufacturing Practices and Basic Food Hygiene trainings offered by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the Cebu City Government through the Cebu Investments Development Concierge Center (CIDCC) Project.

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