CIDCC Success story: Josephine De Larra

September 30, 2023

"The Big Decision: Baking Hobby to a Thriving Business”

As a devoted mother, Ms. Josephine only want the nutritious food for her children yet saw the opportunity of creating business from her baking hobby.

Enrolling with the Barangay-Based Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (BBEMP) of the Cebu Investments Development Concierge Center (CIDCC) Project of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Cebu City Government, Ms. Josephine has mastered the use of digital marketing basic skills and boosted her presence in the digital landscape and opening doors to a wider market.  Moreover, her attendance and participation on The Basic Food Hygiene Program gave her a bigger and deeper understanding why food safety is fundamental in her food businesses and at the same time ensuring the protection of her consumers from food poisoning and foodborne illnesses as her business grow.  

“Knowledge is the key to growth – embrace it and watch your dreams soar!”

Josephine De Larra, Lucille’s Cakes, and Pastries

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