CIDCC Success story: Ms. Susan Branzuela – Cano

September 30, 2023

"Turning Dreams into Reality: Susan's Journey to Empowered Livelihood"

Meet Susan Branzuela-Cano, a determined resident of Bacayan, Cebu City. Juggling her role as a seller of various goods and a BARUG Cebu City Advocates member, Susan is on a mission to provide for her family. Through the invaluable training offered by CIDCC, Susan honed her baking skills and financial acumen. Yet, her journey doesn't stop at learning.

Armed with her newfound expertise, she has set her sights on establishing her own bakery, taking her hustle to the next level.As Susan's aspirations take flight, she encourages others to seize the opportunities within reach. With gratitude to the Cebu Chamber and Mayor Michael Lopez Rama, Susan's determination shines as she transforms her dreams into tangible success, illuminating a path toward a brighter future for her loved ones.

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