CIDCC Success story: Rainier Su

September 30, 2023

"ZLYD Migration: Empowering Dreams, Building Futures”

With a noble mission of helping people optimizing their full potential and reaching their dreams of better lives, Mr. Rainer Su and his family started the ZLYD Migration Consultancy and Services by providing opportunities to study, work and live in Australia and Canada.

Learning from the CIDCC’s Barangay-Based Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (BBEMP), Mr. Su has acquired business fundamentals and approaches using social media in promoting his business and identifying the right solution of capturing his niche market amidst the plight and challenges from the COVID19 pandemic and recent Typhoon Odette which exacerbated Cebu’s economy.  

“Find mentors, join programs like BBEMP, and build a brighter future for your family and community” Rainier Su, ZLYD Migration.

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